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Minna. 21. Language and literature student. Canadian, Norway
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clip from ages ago
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La Chenille de la carotte (1911), director unknown
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I guarantee you, the woman has packed all her stuff, plus her kids’ stuff, plus all the shit her husband forgot to pack. Five minutes into their vacation, dude will be cursing because he forgot something important, and his wife will be like, “Here it is. I thought you’d need it, so I packed it, along with all of your underwear, socks, swimsuit, toothbrush, and deodorant because apparently you confused our family trip to Disney World with an overnight couple’s stay at a nudist colony. You’re welcome.”
Laugh it up, assholes. Without us, you’d be wearing the same underwear three days straight, including poolside.

Fucking right
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i dont even have guilty pleasures anymore i just like stuff and if people have a problem with that they can go fuck themselves

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Supermodel Karlie Kloss was photoshopped to look less thin for a Numero campaign. There are so many things wrong with this.  Models are forced to be incredibly thin to fit a certain aesthetic, but when they do, they’re so emaciated that they have to be photoshopped to not look sick.

Robin Hardy, a former creative director at Vogue, has commented on the practice of photoshopping to cover up the aesthetic and health costs of extreme thinness:
“At the time, when we pored over the raw images, creating the appearance of smooth flesh over protruding ribs, softening the look of collarbones that stuck out like coat hangers, adding curves to flat bottoms and cleavage to pigeon chests, we felt we were doing the right thing…
But now, I wonder. Because for all our retouching, it was still clear to the reader that these women were very, very thin. But, hey, they still looked great!
They had 22-inch waists (those were never made bigger), but they also had breasts and great skin. They had teeny tiny ankles and thin thighs, but they still had luscious hair and full cheeks.
Thanks to retouching, our readers… never saw the horrible, hungry downside of skinny. That these underweight girls didn’t look glamorous in the flesh. Their skeletal bodies, dull, thinning hair, spots and dark circles under their eyes were magicked away by technology, leaving only the allure of coltish limbs and Bambi eyes.”

This is a tough reality, that shouldn’t even exist

this is so fucking important because when I was crazy skinny in high school, i thought i was disGUSTING because even though i was skinny i didn’t look like the girls in magazines, my ribs jutted out and i had fat rolls when i sat down and somehow models managed to be skeletally thin and still look sexy and still look elegant and i just assumed it that was why they were models and i wasn’t
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here are two bunnies using another bunny as a couch
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 soviet russian grandma cats complaining about their grandchildren and swapping recipes
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